Monthly Press Review – 5 (June 2024)

Noise in Hong Kong

Not the noise you were expecting. But multiple noise complaints were received on the second day of the S2O Hong Kong Songkran Music Festival (the so-called “World’s wettest party”) held at the Central Waterfront, according to The Standard.

Chinese Football in Singapore

The post-rock sensation from Wuhan Chinese Football is on tour, and they will play in Singapore with the local band Forests opening for the Hubei band, according to Hear 65.

The band also announced their first North American tour for October, according to Brooklyn Vegan (yes, that’s a real website).

Taiwanese artists caught in the cross-strait crossfire

After MayDay controversial statement last month, Taiwanese artists are forced to take a side. Many Taiwanese celebrities published Weibo messages to support Beijing’s territorial claim over Taiwan, as Jolin Tsai who published “‘Taiwan independence’ is a dead end, and the reunification of the motherland is unstoppable!” on Weibo, shared nearly 18 million times according to a CNN article. Taiwanese artists also face backlash at home, as they are accused of “selling-out”, according to another article in The Straits Times. The Taiwanese indie-rock band Sorry Youth 拍謝少年 is not concerned by the scandal, as they support the Taiwanese “bluebird movement” according to a TVBS article.

Taipei’s “B-Festival” organized to celebrate punk-rock

An article by Taiwan News about the two days “B-Festival” organized by A-chang, the singer of 88 BALAZ, which features a lot of Taiwanese punk-rock bands.

An interview of Shallow Levée

A Men’s Folio interview of the Taiwan indie-rock band Shallow Levée.

27 questions with 9m88

An interview on Lifestyle Asia with the Taiwanese singer 9m88.

The Beatles in Hong Kong (60 years ago)

SCMP republished an article from 60 years ago about the Beatles’s concert in Hong Kong.

Q: Would you like to go to China?

McCartney: I thought this was China.

Lennon: I could have sworn…

A TV series about Teresa Teng aired on Beijing TV

A new TV series on the life of Teresa Teng, “但願人長久” is airing on Beijing TV… and is heavily criticized by Chinese netizens for Michelle Chen portrayal of the icon of Mandopop, according to a 中時新聞網 article.

Chinese singer goes viral after covering Beyond

A Chinese singer went viral on TikTok after covering a song by legendary Hong Kong Cantorock band Beyond. Netizens are amazed by his physical resemblance to the late singer Wong Ka-kui and for singing just like him. June 30 will mark the 31st death anniversary of Wong Ka-kui.

Marz23 on emo and tattoos

An interview on Lifestyle Asia with Taiwanese emo-rapper Marz23 on his many tattoos (one reads “stay emo”).

Legendary Shanghai livehouse Yuyintang to close down

One of the saddest news coming down from China: the legendary Shanghai livehouse Yuyintang is about to close down on June 30. One of the only underground venue in Shanghai after 20 years due to the municipal government’s plan to develop the area. Here’s the official statement on WeChat.

Fire EX. plays in Taipei in front of 5000 fans

The famous Taiwanese punk-rock band plays in Taipei in front of 5000 fans according to a Taiwan Plus short segment, after receiving several nomination for this year’s Golden Melody Awards (album of the year, song of the year, best band, best Taiwanese album), but they will lose everything to No Party for Caodong, of course.

An Irish musician leaves Beijing after 9 years

An article published by Worldcrunch (original article in Chinese by Initium) on David Carey, an Irish musician who lived in Beijing for nine years, forming several bands and opening a live-venue and cultural space in China’s capital, “Nugget”. After hosting a film screening containing LGBTQ+ elements (Saving Face, a 2004 American movie directed by a Taiwanese-American), he was investigated by the police and Nugget was closed-down.

Localization and internationalization of Taiwan’s music industry

A research article published by Global Taiwan Institute on the localization and internationalization process of Taiwan’s music industry, taking example of Taiwanese indie bands singing in Taiyu and performing abroad as Fire Ex or Mong Tong.

“Blossoms Shanghai” OST

An article on Shine on the release of Wong Kar-wai acclaimed TV series “Blossoms Shanghai” original soundtrack, featuring Teresa Teng, Beyond, Jacky Cheung or Faye Wong.

Joyce Jonathan wins “Ride the Wind”

The French singer Joyce Jonathan, unknown in France and best friend with the French prime minister Gabriel Attal, won the Chinese singing competition “Ride the Wind” 风破浪的姐姐 (article in French here). You’ll think her Mandarin should be better after all these years. But no.

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