“Here’s a Punk City, Wuhan!”, Maximum RocknRoll, December 2016

On December 2016, the legendary fanzine Maximum RocknRoll published a special issue on Chinese punk and underground music. I wrote an article entitled “Here’s a Punk City, Wuhan!” for the occasion, on – yes that’s original – Wuhan punk. So here’s the article, and some songs I talked about in the article, enjoy!

Download here: “Here is a punk city, Wuhan” – Maximum RocknRoll

SMZB – “大武汉”

SMZB – “城管革命”

SMZB – “海鸥之歌”

SMZB – “江湖大逃亡”

荒漠旅行Travel In Desert, a compilation of five Wuhan punk bands:

1. 死逗乐 – Say Yes Or Say No
2. 死逗乐 – 摩托青年
3. 死逗乐 – 心灵敌人
4. 破浪 – 疯了
5. 破浪 – 误解
6. Disover – 乌托邦
7. Disover – 路
8. Disover – Money
9. Big Buns – 啤酒杯与玫瑰
10. SMZB – Go Straight
11. SMZB – God Save The Punk
12. SMZB – In Your Eyes

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