Auteur : Nathanel Amar


The Chengdu BFCD Punk Fest’s Poster Controversy

Once in a while, a controversy emerges on Weibo, sometimes manufactured by the Youth League – as in 2018 with the PG One scandal that led to the short-lived “hip-hop ban” – sometimes in a more organic manner, when Chinese...


Remembering Tiananmen with Music

For the first time, there will (probably) be no vigil to commemorate the 32th year anniversary of the repression of the Tiananmen movement in the Sinophone world, due to the COVID situation in Taiwan, or the National Security Law (NSL)...


What Remains of 2020

2020 is already gone… It was a strange year indeed. The COVID-19 pandemic of course, and at its epicenter Wuhan, probably the city I talk the most about in here (you can check my Wuhan playlist here). During the Wuhan...


A Playlist for Wuhan

Wuhan has been at the center of the world’s news lately, as the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak. But as I already said in a article on RadiiChina, Wuhan is first and foremost the birthplace of Chinese punk, and has...


“Tu parleras couramment chinois quand j’te menotterais sous l’évier”. Le rap français et l’imaginaire chinois

“La France ne reconnaît pas les communautés, mais nous traite comme telles” disait Youssoupha dans “Entourage”. La représentation de ses minorités dans la culture populaire est un problème récurrent en France, notamment en ce concerne la communauté asiatique, comme le...

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