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A Playlist for Wuhan

Wuhan has been at the center of the world’s news lately, as the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak. But as I already said in a article on RadiiChina, Wuhan is first and foremost the birthplace of Chinese punk, and has...


[English] Remembering June 4th in Songs

The history of the Chinese 1989 democratic movement is also a musical story. Singers, mostly rockers, were mobilized in favor of the students, who often sing their songs during the protests. It’s now a cliché to remind that Cui Jian’s...


Chanter le souvenir du 4 juin

L’histoire du mouvement démocratique chinois de 1989 est aussi une histoire musicale. Des chanteurs, la plupart rockeurs, se sont mobilisés en faveur des étudiants, qui en retour s’emparaient de chansons rocks dans les manifestations. C’est désormais un lieu commun de...


“你有freestyle吗?” The Roots of Censorship in Chinese Hip-hop / Aux racines de la censure du hip-hop chinois

“你有freestyle吗?” (Do you freestyle?) The Roots of Censorship in Chinese Hip-hop Chinese hip-hop has recently received extensive coverage in the international media. Dozens of articles, published everywhere from the BBC to l’Express toTime, have attempted to explain the astonishing attempts by the...

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